Beware The Dangers of Facebook on Sick Days

With fall quickly approaching, you can bet that pharmacy cough drop sales are about to shoot up and lines at the doctor's office are about to double in size. That's right, the inevitable sick season is about to rear its ugly, runny-nosed head. So long, summer! Thank you for three months of much-needed vitamin D!

While keeping good health on the brain, something else to think of is how to remain professional on those days that you do fall ill.

Here are five things you should NOT be doing on Facebook if staying home from work:

Checking in. 

If you are staying home from work, it is assumed that you are so ill that physically getting to the office and partaking in your daily duties is too much- that's fine! The best recipe for a sick body is 3/4 cups sleep, 1/4 cup gatorade. However, if your boss sees you "checking in" on Facebook at your favorite local restaurant, even just for some chicken soup, some eyebrows will be raised.

Uploading copious amounts of photos. 

If you can't do desk work at your computer in the office, then staying home from work when sick should not be the ideal time to catch Facebook up on your last four family outings.

 "So glad to get out of that place for the day! Even if it does mean I'm sick!"

Even if you aren't personally friends with your boss on Facebook, statuses like this will get back to him/her. Don't post negative statuses about your place of employment in general, but especially when you have the day off. Instead, channel that angsty energy into a good, long, hibernation-like nap that takes up the better part of an afternoon. 

Keep us updated. 

Really, we appreciate that you are, indeed, home sick in bed, but spare us the Instagram filtered photos of your comforter covered in tissues. 

Fake it. 

Lastly, and most importantly, don't fake sick! It's one thing to take a personal day, or use vacation time, but blatantly calling in to your place of employment with a fake cough is so high school.  Bueller? 



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