So we have all see her…. she is in the stands screaming at her kid during the game, meet, tournament….mom yelling

  • She is normal in most conversations except for those that are about her child and sports
  • She questions the High School coach constantly about her kid’s treatment on the team
  • She thinks her kid is a superstar and should get “star” treatment by EVERYONE
  • She calls the college recruiting coach constantly wanting to know what they should do next to get her kid into the program.

By most standards she seems like a regular mom except in the sports arena!

So Ladies, are any of these familiar? Are you recognizing some truth to this? If so I urge you to STOP immediately! You are only hurting your son and daughter’s recruiting efforts!

Consider this if for just one moment. That coach who you would like to have as your son’s is watching not just your child but taking in the whole picture. If you think for one moment that they would rather add your kid to the roster over the child with equal talent and academics whose mom is respectful, allows her child to be proactive in their recruiting efforts and keeps the heck out of the coach’s business, please think again!

This coach is running a business…the business of a successful team for his boss aka the University! He wants to keep his job and not be distracted or have a team member distracted by a “Helicoptering MOM”.

I urge you today, as the loving MOM you are with the best intentions, take some personal inventory here. Course correct and you will be seen as an asset to your child as the Whole Recruiting Package!