Beware Of Skinny Jeans

I love jeans and they have been part of my wardrobe for as long as I can remember. Years ago, there were Levi's, Lee's and others that I don't care to mention for fear of dating myself. Nowadays, jeans are sold everywhere and the styles are numerous and confusing. There's straight leg, boot cut, flare and skinny jeans to name a few, all meant to fit and flatter your figure.

My daughter loves them as well and when she wore a pair of skinny jeans last night, I never imagined that it would pose a problem. While we were finishing dinner at a friends' house, Shaina and her girlfriend went to the basement to get some studying done and it was during that time that  Shaina's friend came back up and told her that Shaina had hurt herself.

When we came to see what had happened, Shaina was on the floor with her right leg raised, cradled by her hands. It seemed that when Shaina went to sit on the floor with her legs spread out to the side of her, she felt her right leg go into a spasm and couldn't move after that. When she tried to move it, she felt excruciating pain from doing so. Luckily, our friend was a doctor and tried to calm Shaina down, and see if she could move her leg a little at a time. Our friend even tried to massage it to see if it would help, but every time she got to the spot that Shaina was cradling, Shaina would cry out.

After a while our friend and my husband carried Shaina to the couch to see if it would make her more comfortable. She had a pillow under the injured leg and we were hoping that if she was in a reclining or laying position, it would help. After waiting a half hour to see if the pain would subside or the leg would feel better, we decided that it was time to go to the hospital. 

So with a pillow under her leg and her hands cradling it as she tried to brace herself from feeling more pain, we drove off. Carrying Shaina from the basement to our car was not easy but it was a little difficult getting her out of our Mini Cooper onto a wheelchair once we reached the hospital. After being calmed down by two nurses, she was taken to a room where the doctor could check her. When the doctor came in and said that in order for him to check her leg, the jeans would have to come off, Shaina was scared since she didn't know how that was going to happen. The only way it could  come off was by cutting it off, and as horrified as Shaina was about what had to happen, she had no choice, she just wanted to feel better. So with scissors in hand, the nurses cut off her jeans with the hope that it would help relieve the pain.

Would you believe that as soon as the jeans were cut off and her leg was free to be checked, her leg felt better? It seemed that when Shaina tried to sit a certain way wearing these jeans, it gripped her leg like a vise and created a spasm. As relieved as we were that nothing was broken or torn, we were shocked that a pair of jeans could create such pain. 

While we were happy that our daughter was fine, we realized that we had another problem: Shaina had nothing to wear out of the hospital since her jeans had been cut off. As luck would have it, one of the nurses gave Shaina scrub pants that she could wear to go home. Yes, they were huge but at least it kept her from going home without pants. My daughter was relieved and happy that the pain disappeared, but she felt bad that we had to leave our friends because of a pair of skinny jeans. It also dawned on her that she now had to buy a pair of jeans since these were no longer fit to wear and after last night, she no longer wants a pair of skinny jeans. So in the end, Shaina may have lost a pair of skinny jeans, but her leg is just fine. And just to be clear, skinny jeans are not welcome in our house. That's my take on this, what's yours?


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