Beware These People

September is International People Skills Month. I say beware these people! Why? Because I've dealt with these people before, and they are dangerous. Don't believe me? Meet the suspects:"Suspect #1: The Charmer"


The Charmer doesn't whine, doesn't beg. You think you would love this?

Imagine you've just come home and put away groceries. Your son even helps. He doesn't say a word, he just acts so helpful. He waits until you are sitting at your computer, beginning your work and asks, "Hey, Mom, what's your fifth favorite candy?"

Surprised that he's taken an interest in your likes, and admittedly baffled by why he'd want to know your FIFTH favorite, you say, "I don't know, something with chocolate, I suppose."

"Huh," he replies. Then just sits there beside you.

You turn toward him. "Why?" you ask. "What's yours?"

"Twizzlers," he answers simply.

"Really? I just bought Twizzlers."

And this is when it hits you. You've been charmed. You think you would learn... but you find yourself in the same predicament as you cut out coupons for B1G1 ice skating.

"Hey Mom, where's your third favorite place to go in town?" Beware the Charmer!



Suspect #2: The Cuddler

Protect yourself by reading about the remaining three suspects at Creative Family Moments


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