bi polar mania

This is morning number two.  Two day's two nights up, suffering with dillusional ego tripping mania.  

Firs of all The pharmacy gave me a generic brand of one of my medications, and i took it.  well I slowly went mad.  I went even more manic when i switched back to the regular pills I take.  

Crying in fear I my go to the dark side.

In towards the last 10 hors, I know I have to crash eventually, I realize these are dillusions of grander.  Ego trip, I am a healer, Peole need me, everybody is tugging on me.  Loving on me.  Ego tripping me.  Telling me how awesome I am and praising me how glad they are to be my friend.  Clinging to me.  

I am a writer, a poet, a creator, I thrive on attention.  

Bi polar mania.

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