BiblioNiche: GET INSPIRED - Do What You Love! 2 NEW ERA ARTISTS

It's Monday!!!!!


GET INSPIRED -  Do What You Love!

Today's focus is on


So... I have been Talking of Artists,Crafters and Photographers, that are already doing it.

They are giving it their all.

Here is some of the work that inspired me this week! These artists have a vision and they found a way to live their passion.!


The above is the work of Olga Hutsul from Hurban Design Zazzle Gallery


I Love Olga Hutsul's Work!

The following is from Urban Design by Olga Hutsul home page:

"Everything about urban life is an endless source of inspiration for me – its rhythms, its sounds, its take out smells, its colorful graffiti on brick walls, its conversations in subway. Even the attempt to get away from the city and enjoy the beauty of flowers and nature, my travels, the longing for the sea, still is inspired by breathing the intoxicating urban air. Even my surrealistic dreams, that as you will see found their little place here are created by it. And this is what you will see here. There is no excuse to surround yourself with uninspired objects. Enjoy the meaning in things!!! It is little things that help to acquire meaning in life!"


The Following is the stunning work of Sarah Trett

Fine art floral poster print by Sarah Trett. Reproduced from original watercolour and gouache painting on blue card by Sarah Trett.
A unique graphic floral cows parsley meadow pillow in teal aqua blues. Uniquely designed by Sarah Trett.

Pansies print from orignal artwork on coloured paper in gouache by Sarah Trett.

Sarah has a Zazzle Gallery Called My Little Eden

During a Zazzle forum conversation Sarah commented:

"Some of the best inspiration comes from the great masters. As a child the great Pierre-Joseph Redouté painting that were on my bedroom wall inspired me to paint flowers, which I continue to do today. We live in exiting times where the computer allows us to bring artwork in to a new era."

Read her Wonderful Story Here

Anybody inspired yet?

Be honest with yourself about who you are and have the courage to be that person, if someone tries to judge you for doing things that make you happy, whatever it is ... Let them go, keep your focus, no one has it all figured out!

Evolve with your passion! There is something that you can Uniquely do!



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