Bicycles, Balance and Bees (Oh my!)

Last spring, sometime after the wetsuit swim, but before the Danskin race, Patty and I decided to go on a nice 20 mile bike ride on a Saturday so we would be sure that our legs could handle the 11.5 miles we would do on race day.  By that point we had been doing our weekly after-work rides and I had graduated to crash-pad-free cycling (Yay, me!)


But, I did of course have my trusty helmet,



my bike gloves to keep my hands from numbing up,



my top tube padding to protect the nether regions



my bike computer, to help keep track of all the important things you need to keep track of while biking (I believe *cadence* is an important tracking statistic in order to uh, you know, keep track of your, um...well, hey! Isn't it fancy?? )



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