The Biden Half of the Horse

When my older son attended his first week of kindergarten I learned an important lesson. Everybody needs to be really good at something. Midway through that first week Billy came home with a gold star pasted to his forehead.


“What did you do to earn that, son?” I asked eagerly.

“I am,” he beamed, “the very best rester in my whole class.”


Okie doke. So, did somebody think to give Joe Biden a gold star at the end of last night’s debate? He was surely the best comedian providing comic relief when the topic turned to unfunny things like nuclear war. Biden smiled, laughed aloud, snorted, snickered and used his rubber face – the likes of which we’ve seen in folks like Jim Carey – to demonstrate his total disrespect for his opponent, the audience and the rest of the world. And yes. He was generally providing this comedy at inappropriate times and in totally inappropriate levels, but everybody has to be good at something. Joe seems to be good at being a horse’s patoot. Or is that a donkey’s donkey?


Meanwhile, Biden’s opponent, Paul Ryan, demonstrated that he was the best mathematics wonk on stage. He had the numbers and he used them calmly and respectfully to deflate the Vice President’s best arguments. What’s sad about this is that Biden’s job last night was to appear “in control” whether he was or not. So, he got louder and more inappropriate when he ran out of answers….which was frequently.


The thing about talking to women is, we dislike being talked down to. What Joe Biden did last night to Paul Ryan – taking that whole dismissive “This kid doesn’t have a clue!” posture - will, I think, show up in the polling numbers immediately when it comes to undecided women. I believe that we women respect ideas and answers but we don’t want to be introduced to those concepts in a condescending way. Biden blew it and, if you listen carefully, this morning you can ear the sound of the Obama yardsign being yanked up unceremoniously and replaced with those of the opponents’.



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