The Big Apple and a Small Tennis ball!

The US Open is On!


Big Lights! Excited Fans! Brilliant Players! Smart Commentators! A Tennis Court! Arthur Ashe Stadium! Billie Jean King Center!


That's right. The time of the year has arrived. When we witness excellent grand slam action, right here in New York. My Mother is an avid Tennis fan! Especially of her favorite player, Roger Federer!

There are so many things to love about the US Open. The love for the game, the history, the glamour. It really means a lot to America and especially to New York and New Jersey. And for those of us that will be watching it on TV, all of us fans have major things in common. We all are sitting on the edge of our seats or couches, anticipating the win of the player that we're rooting for. Hesistant to go and get a snack, afraid that we'll miss something.

My favorite day of the entire tournament is Arthur Ashe Kids' Day! I love to watch the kids having a blast, playing tennis, meeting their favorite players and listening to their favorite singers sing. That's so cool!

It makes me happy to see young kids our there and playing tennis. They are having fun and we could be looking at the future of Tennis. That's how all the greats got started.

I look forward to watching all of the tennis players, Serena, Venus, Sloane, Roger, Rafa, and everyone else. It's going to be great and I am thrilled to watch the matches.

The 2013 US Open is underway. Who will win the championship, on the  Ladies and Gentlemens sides?