Big bag of flour + 2 little boys and a kitten = Towel-mop dancing and goo-feet. To the 3rd power, Y'all.

Let's be honest.


There are moments that I must diligently endeavor to take out of context in order to maintain.  Examples?


  • Belly button ticks.  
  • Poop fiascos.
  • Lost chicken, children weeping.
  • Chicken located in the kitchen pooping calmly.
  • Turtles in the tub.
  • Persistent mystery odor.
  • Discovering the mystery odor in 10-year old's bedroom in a cup that has green fur in it.
  • Inappropriate peeing...two little boys in cahoots..
  • Stiletto heels squished DEEP in the mud (Georgia clay to be precise) because the car broke down at 2 a.m. due to radiator explosion and I'm afraid to take off said stilettos (scarlet w/ copper studs if you must know) because there may be broken glass and T.B. rusted nails and my crumpity phone has fallen out of my car into said deep mud so I'm exceedingly effed.
  • And then there's Willow.