Big Brother 11

I have watched Big Brother since college. My roommate and I were in love with this one guy from BB4, jokinginly arguing with one another why we were the better match for him.

So this season, I'm going to blog about the show. Why? Because this cast SUCKS, but I'm kind of obsessed with the plot. Can't help it, love the game. Not to the point where I pay to have live feed 24 hours a day (seriously, who does that?!) or even watching BB After Dark. But, I will continue to watch each episode and consequently talk to the television.

I missed the first episode, sadly. Not that I missed much. Honestly, where did they find these people? And I'm not a fan of the whole "clique" idea - really, it's a show where you play for yourself, not for a team. I do not like the team element to this season. So, here's where I stand. If you don't watch this, I apologize that this won't make sense. The "cliques" are: athletes, brainiacs, populars and out-cast.

Athletes: I like the only female member - but I don't know her name. I'll call her N. She seems smart and is already playing the game. You go, girl! Why in the WORLD did they bring steroid-man Jessie back (and I thought spelling jessie with an "i" made it feminine...)? He's already annoyed me to the point of no return. He does, however, have a huge crush on N. Anyway, in one of the "twists" this season, the athletes won the HOH competition, which brought back Jessie and made him the first official HOH. BLAH shoot me now. He's already spent an episode trying to get other people to tell him what to do. And what REALLY made me mad was that he listened to the other steriod-infused athlete, Russell (I think?) and nominated a brainiac (pawn, which means she will be sent a-packin') and Lydia (see below). I can't stand when people get in there and don't play the game for themselves. YOU ARE WEAK.

Brainiacs: A mostly unmemorable group, with the exception of Chima (I think?) who is a total diva. Divas do not belong on BB. With the exception of Kevin the Diva, a member of the Out Cast clique. Seriously, she threw a fit because she had to sleep on a slab. The "worst room ever" in BB history - I expected like, I don't know, spikes sticking out of the beds so that you could only sleep in one position. It's basically just a plain room with no mattress. It's camping. I don't like camping, but I wouldn't cry and whine over that room. YOU ONLY SLEEP IN IT. So what does Diva Chima do? You got it - she goes to bed early to avoid the other houseguests. Seriously? You just cried and said that you are basically too much of a princess for this show because you have all this material crap at home and shouldn't exist in such a situation, and then you GO TO BED EARLY. Don't like you. At all. Go home. Please. Fortunately, she was the pawn. Which, if you watch BB, know immediately will send you a-packin'. Don't volunteer to be a pawn. I'm also pretty sure that the male brainiac is the contestant who left his wife and 10-month old daughter home to play the game. And then complained to the others about how much he got picked on in high school while wearing...get this...a shirt that says DORK. You think?

Populars: Okay. Braden, worshipper of multiple gods, I have no idea what you said. You talked three separate times, and I'm pretty sure you were high. You should not speak the rest of the game. That is your game-plan. Do not speak. And you kind of look like Brendan Frasier. Then there's the dark-haired, big boobed girl - I don't know her name, so I will call her Stalker, as that is what she is. She pretty much stalked Jessie. And then just sat there staring at him. Can we say C-R-E-E-P-Y? Go home. Just go home. You are too weird for the show. I miss Janelle. She was hilarious and you are just weird, Stalker. My favorite part was when she said in the diary room that he just didn't seem to want to talk to her. Then get the message, move on. The other popular girl, she's a blonde, seems equally as weird as Braden. Look for a hook-up between the two. They are both spacy.

Out-Casts: The old guy (where else would he belong), the tattoo-freak Lydia, and Diva Kevin. I like the old guy - he hasn't annoyed me too much YET, and he actually did an awesome job in the first "food" competition, although I guess now it's Haves/Have Nots competition. Gotta say, really liked tattoo Lydia until she started crying after Jessie nominated her. SERIOUSLY?? It's the first week. Don't cry. It's just not worth it. Sure, you gave Jessie a back rub, but if you've watched the show you know it doesn't mean anything. I hate that Jessie wanted to nominate Stalker but since athlete Russell and brainiac Michelle wanted Lydia to go, he put her up. Should've put up Stalker. She's truly obnoxious and I can't stand seeing her on the television. But Lydia, it is just a game and the Veto competition is coming up. If you want to cry, do it when you pack your bags and walk out the door.

The cast is seriously boring and I'd like to see another All-Star game. Or at least go back to a normal format with normal people - these people are just odd. Really odd. Game time tonight, we'll see what happens....for those of you who don't watch the show, tune in Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays for the action! CBS!

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