Big Brother 2011 Who Goes Now?

 Big Brother 2011



I'm gearing up for big brother tonight. How about you? I hated to see Danielle go earlier this week but Porshe and Kalia took a stand and sent Jeff packing.

I like Jeff and Jordan but Danielle made a good point that together they stood a chance of taking all 550,000 bucks home. Jordan has won once before so I'd like to see someone else take home something. However she is my favorite little southern girl.

Tonight I think we can expect Rachel to fire things up and try to get control again. She and Jordan will conspire to get Shelly out after she turned on Jeff and Jordan. Hubby watched a Youtube video today and said Jordan and Shelly came to blows. He said Jordan's words had to be censored! wow!

Adam continues to be a suck up and who will he suck up to? Who knows with Jeff gone? I'm thinking he's gonna stick close to Rachel and Jordan for now.

How about Brenden, Danielle and Jeff in the jury house together? I'd like to hear what's going on there. Wouldn't you? Tonight is sure to be fire and brimstone. I'll be in my chair at 8:30pm so I can fast forward through the commercials. Who's next to leave the big Brother house?

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