The Big Chop

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My hair is driving me crazy! It’s about six inches past my shoulders at its longest. I’ve been growing it out for almost a year and a half from when I decided I wanted long hair for my wedding last July.However, it’s almost time for the big chop!

This Wednesday I’m getting my hair cut with my hairdresser who I’ve been going to for ten years. I’ve been a few places since I moved away at age 18, but none of the stylists I’ve encountered know me as well as my hometown hairdresser. I love her! She did my hair for my wedding and even came to my parents’ house ten minutes before the ceremony to touch everything up! Plus she gets my hair and knows all the little things I know about it. That it gets huge when you comb it too much. That I don’t like to blow dry and style it everyday. She knows which cuts look good, and, even more importantly, which ones look bad.

Having long hair has been quite the experience. There are many exciting aspects of super long hair–you can do so many different styles! Unfortunately for me, my time in the morning is split between makeup and picking out what to wear, which usually means my hair gets partially braided, goes up or gets pulled half back. In other words, boring!

There’s also a lot of downs with long hair. Like it gets caught everywhere. In car doors, in food, in zippers, in velcro. It’s kind of tortuous at times. But I love it, which is why I’m not doing a huge chop–probably just to two inches past my shoulders.

Some of my friends have suggested that I donate my hair to Locks of Love, and while I would love to, my hair unfortunately does not qualify due to the fact that parts of it were treated with bleach three years ago. Locks of Love does, however, accept other chemically treated hair (just not bleached hair) if you’re thinking about donating!

Would you ever donate your hair? Do you have a favorite hairdresser?



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