Big Curvy Love

Hi, I’m Kelly! Welcome to the Curvy Chronicles.

I’d love you to join me in my plus-size life. I host a networked Love Song Dedications radio show in Australia and over the years have spoken to thousands of people about their love lives. Now it’s time to share mine.

Being a big girl always held me back but i’ve changed my life and am now on a quest to find Big Curvy Love. 

The focus of this site is on living a fabulous life regardless of where you are on the scales or where you want to be. Why put off that school reunion, applying for that job or taking a pole dancing class until you lose 20kgs/lbs? Instead send in your RSVP, e-mail that resume and book your spot in that class now. Oh and wear a super hot outfit and completely rock it out!

This is your online resource to leading a plus-size life and navigating the curvy worlds of love, sex, advice, dating, relationships, and fashion.