A Big Deal!

SuperValu stores are running a ConAgra deal, buy $25 and get $10 back. So far, the deal is unadvertised in my area but I've seen some ads for other regions and I'm assuming we'll see the official advertisement in our Thursday ad.

I've been reading some of the coupon forums at Jill Cataldo, CouponsWanted (I think you have to register to view this link), and A Full Cup in order to figure out what's included in the deal so I can try to track down some coupons to make this deal a real winner for my family.

Here's what I've got, so far:
  • Five coupons for $1 off 2 Healthy Choice Steamers. (We like to have these around for TW's mom, in case of a lunch emergency or to send with her to the hotel when she goes on a mini-vacation while we are at BlogHer Conferences.)
  • One coupon for $1 off Healthy Choice Microwavable or canned soups. (See above.)
  • One coupon for $1 off Marie Callender's frozen pie. (Nothing wrong with having a frozen pie on hand from time to time!)
  • One coupoin for $1.50 off Marie Callender's Homestyle Bake (I have no idea what these are but am willing to give it a try.)
  • One coupon for $1 off Marie Callender's Homestyle Bake (See above.)
  • One coupon for $1.00 off Snapple
  • One coupon for $1.50 off Pam
  • One coupon for .45 off of 3 Hunts canned tomatoes
That's a lot of coupons, and I have a couple more for things I don't generally buy (like Manwich) so if they run out of some products, I'm pretty confident that we can swing still this and walk away with a pretty good deal.

While we're there, I'll also stack a couple of coupons for a Kleenex buy, pick up a six pack of Glucerna (if I can find another manufacturers coupon so I can stack), and I'll check the price on Perdue Short Cuts because I have a coupon + a rebate if I buy one package.

Wish me luck, I'm going to need it!

And please, tell me about deals you've done like this - or if you're thinking about trying this yourself, let me know! (I might be able to steer you to some printable coupons to help you make this deal work for you.)

~Denise BlogHer Community Manager Life. Flow. Fluctuate.


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