A Big Lunch

I'm attempting to try a new eating routine where I eat the majority of my calories before three in the afternoon.  This is not my usual way of doing things.  I already know that the way I will make it successful is by assigning myself a dinner of a half peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

I know there are more creative dinner options that are 300 calories or less.  I know there are healthier options, but I'm just not there yet.  Right now, I'm giving myself something that I know tastes good, can be eaten slowly, and leaves me content.

Lunch on the other hand is one weird process today.  I feel like I opened the flood gates and said, "EAT".  I feel like I binged but I haven't even had that much yet.  The problem is that I don't really know how many calories were in the things I ate so I hopefully erred on eating not enough.   I'm used to my piddly lunches which are easy to calorie count.  Luckily I have the next couple hours to try to assess how much I did eat and  fit in the remaining bulk of the calories (which will probably go in far more quickly than I appreciate).

It's an interesting thing to eat 1000 calories before three in the afternoon.  It feels rather freeing.  (We'll see how I feel after three)

As for the gym - I woke up at six and did Jillian's Blast Away the Fat DVD with two other women.  It's fifty minutes.  We did an atrocious job, but we did it.  And again, I'm impressed with Jillian. The workout changed activities enough to keep me engaged and the activities can be done at all levels.  I did a floppy job of many, but I did what I'm capable of doing right now.  I think I still prefer the 20 minute Shred It DVD because it's just plain shorter and I'm more willing to commit to that, but the longer one was okay and I'll do it again.

I'm popping my vitamins and drinking my water.  I took my kids out in the snow.  I plan to get some work done this afternoon while they nap (unless I nap) so all is pretty good.


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