The Big Reveal...Isn't Going to Happen

This is my first BlogHer post, and I honestly have no idea what I'm doing. I have a blog, the URL is, so I don't know why I blog on here too. But, the story is that my blog is almost entirely secret. I can count on my hands how many people know the URL, and on one hand how many people check it. It's not that I have stuff to hide, but rather that I have stuff that I don't want my family to see. I've recently been considering putting the URL up on Facebook, but the repercussions of that would be dangerous to my reputation, dangerous to my standing as favorite grandchild, and just a bad idea in general. I don't edit my blog in terms of what I'm thinking, so there's exactly what I'm thinking on there, whether it be that I'm in love, or that I'm absolutely furious with someone and am going to castigate them using words. I'm making up for not posting on Facebook by posting on other forums, such as BlogHer and, so the blog is less secret than it was when I began it, almost a year ago, but overall, it's almost secret. And that's the way it's staying. 

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