Big Sigh! 31st July is National Orgasm Day!

According to the World Health Organisation, more than 100 million acts of sexual intercourse take place every day. That's a huge amount of pleasure and activity! Given this figure doesn't include masturbation or hand jobs and oral sex which don't involve intercourse, the true figure might be more than double and then some... If only we could harness all that energy!

But how many of those acts will end with the Big O?

And what is this Big O anyway? In its inimitable way, the Urban Dictionary provides some wonderful definitions for 'orgasm' (all 117 of them) ranging from:

"The thing that happen when you have sexy time and you make romance explosion on woman stomach."

to "The height of sexual pleasure, or the point at which the man simultaneously loses interest in the woman and regains his interest in sports scores" 

and then ""Its like a sneeze, only 10 times better" or "A mythical experience that women make up to in order to please men."

finishing with:

"The big bulkey exploshion that happens in you when you think wow this guy is rlly fucking me!!


The previous blog on discussed faking orgasms and it's likely some of those 100 or 200 million daily acts ended with a bit of pretence. But we've moved on and in honour of this special day we're now talking about the real thing. If you're on your own you don't have to be polite or worry about any one else's pleasure. But if there's two, or three or even more involved what's the form? Should the lady (or ladies) be pleasured first or is it every man for himself? Does chivalry go out the window or is that an enjoyable part too - watching your partner writhe in ecstasy as a result of your skilful efforts? 

Less than 30% of women are able to come from intercourse alone but Hollywood in particular seems to favour synchronised orgasms (or so save us, wegasms) requiring minimal foreplay or use of sex toys beyond the animal magnetism of the male star. These seem to be a rarity but use of sex toys (both for single pleasuring or for use by couples) has become far more common with some 44% of women and 21% of men admitting to using them (the figure of course may be far higher!).

Having an orgasm is credited with many health benefits beyond the enjoyment factor. For men, research has found that those who have 2 or more orgasms a week died at half the rate (of coronary heart disease) than those who did not! Another recent study found that 48% of regular headache sufferers had their pain cured by orgasm. And it worked faster than painkillers! Other benefits include reduced stress and depression, laughing and smiling more (some 2.5 times that those who don't orgasm on a regular basis) and it stimulates your brain!

But good sex isn't just about being able to orgasm every time. Dr Rosemary Basson of The University of British Columbia believes reaching climax is just the third stage on the ‘circle of desire' (arousal, plateau and recovery are the others), and that for women it's possible to feel sexually satisfied at any stage - not just when you orgasm. We're not making any comment as to whether that applies to men or not! And to put it in perspective, the typical man or woman will spend 20 seconds a week in orgasm, which equates to some 12 minutes a year—or 10 hours in the average lifetime. But we spend 99,117 hours working and 653 hours waiting for trains!

So on this special day, how are you going to make use your time??


Cheryl Alleyne

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