Big Women DO WorkOut

I am usually very comfortable in my body, in my skin.  
But something inside of me was changing, I did not like the way I was feeling.  Outwardly I felt fine, I look fine.  
Inwardly, I did not feel fine. 
I felt lethargic, unmotivated, my self esteem low and slightly depressed.
Why?  I like me, I like who I am, proud of myself, my accomplishments, my Deaf life, my family etc...but something was not right.  Could not put my finger on it.
I look at myself in the mirror and realize I THINK I am healthy because I am fat and my doctor tells me my tests are fine.  But inside my body I do not feel fine.  I feel wrong.  I feel off.
I do not feel BODY POSITIVE.  I was posting recently about feeling FAT and BODY POSITIVE.  But I was not being truthful.  
I am not healthy.
The wife and I join gym recently.  I had my BMI (Body Mass Index), weight, flexibility, strength and measurements taken.  I am 45 but have inside body of 54 year old woman!  NO NO NO!  I do not want that. I want to be 45 inside and outside.  
In my past I have made many difficult changes.  I have done things most people might not have been able to do and for that I am proud of myself, I have come a very long way.
I believe becoming healthy in mind and body is my last personal hurdle.  And I am determined to do this.
Will I be skinny?  NO.  Do I want to be skinny?  NO.  
I want to lose weight.  YES.  I want be healthy.  YES.  
My plan is follows:
1.  Weight Training 3 times a week
2.  Aquatics class 3x a week
3.  Yoga 2x a week
4.  Cardio 5 to 6x a week
I have changed my eating lifestyle.  I will not bore with details, since this is a food blog and I want to continue introducing wonderful, yummy foods for my followers and fans!
So I will not discuss my eating lifestyle on my blog.
But I will continue to discuss BODY POSITIVE!
“Pain is only weakness leaving the body” – Unknown


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