Bigger Steps

Forget baby steps; I have done some Atlas strides here in the last few days.

A friend of mine met me at CarMax last Friday. She was helping me sell my husband's car. She has the experience at doing things like that, and she also speaks that car language. After she had done quite a bit of research, she told me what was a good price to expect to get for the car, and basically (figuratively) held my hand during the process. I accepted their offer, and we went to get a bite to eat to celebrate. It was Mexican food of course, and we went to a place I had never heard of that the young lady at CarMax recommended. It was delicious. I'll keep it in mind for another occasion (although it IS 40 minutes away...).

After we ate, I asked her if she had time to go on to Subaru with me to look at new cars. She did, and I drove away in my new vehicle. There was a great promotion going on, and I already knew the color and trim level I wanted. I left a deposit and came back the next day with the full amount they needed.

When I got home Friday night, I noticed that it was a tiny bit warm in the house. As in 84 degrees. With the thermostat set to 77. Well, that would explain why I was a bit overheated the evening before, but I hadn't looked at the thermostat. Isn't that the way the enemy works? I refused to get upset, just sent a text to my friend and she sent back the number for an A/C guy her husband (a contractor) recommended.

Long story short, he came out the next afternoon and added freon to my unit. Very nice fellow, and no extra charge for a Saturday visit. While he was there, another friend and his wife came over who were interested in buying my current Subaru. We made a deal and they will be taking delivery of it on Saturday.

So. I've sold two vehicles and purchased another, all within two days of each other. I think my husband would approve. And I've handled a home maintenance issue (sort of - my friend spoke the language of air conditioning and talked to the A/C guy, then took his card for himself). Wisdom and prudence, not to mention my friend, suggest that I avail myself of the maintenance program for my A/C offered by the repairman.

This week, I have been getting out early and going up to church to make coffee for VBS (the volunteers, not the kids!). At first it was for 8:00, but I persuaded the Administrator that 7:30 was better because there were people NEEDING their coffee earlier than 8:30. So that's my excuse for not walking today, because even getting up at 6:00 (did I mention that I'm not really at my best in the morning?) I barely had time to shower, have my quiet time, drink my coffee, and check in with the emails. No breakfast, but there is a ton of food up there even if most of it is not what you might call a wise choice. I pick my spots. Breakfast tacos and Pappasitos hot sauce. Yes ma'am. We won't talk about brownies or mini dark chocolate Milky Ways. Hey, iced coffee only goes so far.

On the work front, I have been contacting clients and telling them about a form I was sending them to change the advisor on the account to me. There were four clients out of state: one moved to this state, one confirmed he wanted to still work with me, and the other two (in the same state as each other) said they'd get back with me before I paid to register in that state. If they don't get back to me, then the back office will continue to service their accounts and that is fine.

I also spoke with my sister twice, helped her get into her email account and then encouraged her to continue to find the good in every situation and not let the enemy steal her joy. And I sent her a coloring book I found at Cracker Barrel that is all about paisley. She likes paisley. I still haven't figured out how to get her other two surprises to her without spending an arm and a leg. A fingernail, maybe.

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