Bikinis and Bifocals

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Bikinis and Bifocals is my blog from my website Bikinis and This is a site and blog focused at women over 40, specifically over 50, that's me. I discuss observations on life from the eyes of a woman over 50 who loves life and wants to live life to its fullest. I can not accept the attitude that life is over when 50 etc. Positive attitude and viewing life a different way is so important. I offer observations on a number of things, but most of the time it is on aging, the world from my point of view and how the world, life and others view life at this stage. Baby Boomers are awesome people and we have so much to offer, I love sharing my thoughts and observing this awesome generation. I hope you allow my blog on this time. I tried when I first started, but had not had it open but a few days. I don't write everyday, I write most days, when I have something to say. thanks