A Bill of Rights for Grief and Loss: Don't Tell Me How to Mourn

Grief is a shape-shifty bastard. On Monday it feels like a tsunami of unendurable waves of pain. On Tuesday it feels like a low-grade fever you can't shake. It makes you hyper productive to avoid the pain or puts you in a sleep-filled coma where every waking moment is agony. And it can blow all the feeling right out of you like a gust of numbness and you feel nothing at all.

And it's a very real, horrific psychological experience all its own.

A new report just came out that's driving mental health professionals INSANE. According to The New York Times, which asks: "When does a broken heart become a diagnosis?" the new report says it's time to give grief its proper place in the annals of psychiatric diagnosis and give it its own status as a disorder. DUH!

In that spirit, and in an effort to finally get public recognition for the private hell of grief, I offer this Bill of Rights for Grief: Read: A Bill of Rights for Grief and Loss

Pamela Cytrynbaum

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