Bio-Identical Hormone Viral Outbreak

by Dr. Patricia Yarberry Allen

If I worked at the Centers for Disease (CDC) in Atlanta, I would ask to be put in charge of monitoring the financially and self promotion driven epidemics of "BIO-IDENTICAL HORMONE SURGE," a phenomenon that pop up about every 18 months. These epidemics are marked by short-term visibility with a new book, usually by the facially altered medical expert and former infomercial maven Suzanne Somers. The outbreak recurs when some women’s media outlet decides to give a day, a week, a month to the odd idea that hormonal drugs compounded without oversight are not really drugs at all.

2009_06_01_oprah   The most recent outbreak occurred in the Oprah Media empire — as noted in a much-discussed cover story in this week's Newsweek.

Each time the epidemic occurs, you will hear the following mis-statements in the media:

  1. "There is great confusion over the term bio-identical hormones. Only those who take blood tests and then compound the individualized replacement of hormones that are just right for you can manage your menopausal symptoms."
  2. "In order to have the benefit of hormone therapy, blood or saliva tests are necessary — both before starting and then throughout the therapy."

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