Birdman, The Giver: Movies to See; Actors to Watch for a Lifetime

Michael Keaton stars in a new film, Birdman. Got to see it? Yes. Know what it is about? A little, but the trailer is really cool, so that could be a clue.  There are a few actors I'd watch act out of a paper bag: Meryl Streep, Steve Martin, Glenn Close, Nicholas Cage, John Malkovich, to name a few.

Watching  an actor's career go up and down, (and sometimes all over the place), is part of the process. How could an actor choose the perfect role every time? How could someone know if a movie or play - ensemble work - would ever turn out to be good? Each one takes a risk and puts their soul out there every time a script goes to screen or the theater. Not every movie is a hit, but that's not the point. We get invited, on-screen, to ride with them. It can't be easy. Every film is judged, every work scrutinized.

Yet they get to do these films that bring what we all are thinking to life. Beetlejuice? Nightshift? The Paper? Meryl Streep will be in the Giver this summer. We have to wait until October for Birdman.

As a single mom of a special needs kid, I get out very little. I make a list and see if I can get my hands on those few gems that come along. My time is precious. What a better way to spend it than with old friends, throwing their hat in the ring and saying:  Come on - let's do this ride - life together for a few hours at least.