Birds as Animal Totems and the Meanings

If a bird comes into your life as a totem or is already an established totem, it is truly an honor.  And while individual birds bring their own messages, energy and medicine, many things can be learned from the entire bird population.

Because birds travel easily between air and earth (with the exception of flightless birds such as ostriches), they can be associated with “as above, so below.”  You might also think of them as connecting Spirit and earth.

From the tiniest hummingbird to the enormous ostrich, from the common sparrow to the brightly colored toucan and everything in between, birds are truly a marvel of nature.  They are one of the only living examples of dinosaurs.  What is it about them that makes them unique?  It’s important because that very uniqueness is what you should pay attention to when considering one as your temporary or power totem.

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Julie McAllister, The Divine Connector


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