Birds of a Feather at #BlogHer15

BlogHer Original Post

Bloggers are expert connectors. I began connecting in 2000, as I started a LiveJournal and found my queer community. Since then, I've found the parent community, the newly divorced community, and countless others online who have supported me and helped me find my true self.

Networking at a BlogHer conference

Birds of a Feather meetups are a tradition at BlogHer conferences: We've helped attendees get together in groups based on any kind of shared interest ... and then gave you a set time to talk about it for a while, without a pre-planned agenda.

This year, #BlogHer15: Experts Among Us is doing Birds of a Feather in an exciting new way. We're setting the birds free! And the birds are you!

We've set aside some table space on the second floor of the Expo Hall for you to have your Birds of a Feather meetups anytime. You can self-organize and set a meetup time beforehand by sharing your BOF ideas via Twitter, our private FB group, or via messaging on the #BlogHer15 app.

We’ll have blank table signs and sharpies so you can identify your passion and find your people. You can decide to meet there and head elsewhere, or stay and meet up right there ... we'll have round tables and chairs for you.

Go free birds! Start sharing your BOF meetup ideas now.