Birds of a Feather | Patriarchy!

Yippee! A Birds of a Feather where we can talk about the #patriarchy -- and if you like, we can talk about its cousins #class and #race, too. We can talk about whatever you like, really.

Are you planning to attend? If you are, please leave a comment telling us something about you and what you'd like to talk about. You can also include a link to your blog(s), Facebook and Twitter accounts so other attendees can visit you.

If you’re hoping to meet others in your niche at BlogHer ’11...

If you’re a little afraid you might not be able to find your tribe at BlogHer ’11...

If you’re intimidated by the networking at BlogHer ’11...

Since BlogHer’s inception in 2005, we’ve hosted community meet-ups at each conference called Birds of a Feather. These are small, informal gatherings where you can meet others in your niche, network with new tribe members, build relationships with others who share your passions, and find new-to-you bloggers to read!

Get to know your flock now by exchanging contact and blog info and let each other know what your conference plans are so you can connect in San Diego.

If you don't see the Birds of a Feather thread quite right for you, feel free to create your own here in the community forum. (To do that, click "BlogHer '11 Community Forum" in the top nav and then click "Create a Discussion" on the right side of the group landing page.)


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