Birds on a Wire - or Can You Say Something Better About This Photo?

Photo courtesy of Buttercup 
(my daughter)
Raige Creations

A photo from many weeks ago.
It was a cloudy, rainy day.
My daughter and I were going in to check on our booth at the antique mall.
She was snapping pictures for an art class project.

When we saw this, we were kinda speechless.

All I could say was,
'Look at all those tiny birds on the wire!'
So original.

I could say that I was the one driving, and therefore could not give the attention necessary. But my daughter couldn't think of anything either.  

So I leave it to you to caption, comment, say what you think. Give us a new way to look at this photo. 
What is YOUR perspective on a photo like this? 
Give us a new way to see it.


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