Is Birth Control Getting in the Way of Your Fitness Goals?

Choosing the right birth control after having children is a major decision especially if you are not ready or sure you want any more children.  I recently had a discussion with my sister about birth control options, and how some can have an effect on your weight loss and fitness goals.

I am a firm believer that birth control with hormones had a big influence on my weight retention after having my daughter.  I was on the pill.  Which is not fun or easy to remember to take!  Losing the baby weight was a lot harder than I would have thought after having my first child.  Not only that, I had a lot of emotional problems as well.

I was moody, sad, depressed…..almost everything but happy.  Now that could be because of the infamous “baby blues”, but I really feel that the pill had a lot to do with it because I had the same problems before I tried to conceive my first child.  Most birth control pills have synthetic estrogen in them which supports certain female characteristics such as developing breasts, lining the endometrium and in regulating the menstrual cycle.  Now I use paragard which I love.  ParaGard® works primarily by preventing the sperm from reaching and fertilizing the egg, making it one of the most effective forms of birth control.  It is a hormone free alternative to the pill.  With this change, came easy weight loss, muscle build, a bright and lighter mood and no other side effects that come with permitting one’s body to synthetic hormones.  I noticed that seeing results from my exercise and training routines was so much easier.  It also lasts for 10 years!  I am happy with decision to go with Paragard and so is my mind, body, and soul.



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