Birth of a Passion

My best friend, Deirdre, who was also struggling to buy Christmas that year, saw the quilt and decided to make one for her mother.  She did not have such a stash of fabrics, so went to the local fabric store to find what she needed to complete her project. 

While at the fabric store, Deirdre saw a quilting class advertised.  She begged me to take the class with her.  I really didn’t feel I should spend the money, but after much begging and pleading, I gave in and splurged.  It was at this class that I learned new techniques, and the art of quilting. 

Deirdre and I continued on with our quilting.  We were two stay at home moms.  We got together and cut, sewed and quilted together.  We planned and dreamed together.  Although we had learned to machine quilt our quilts, we were both enamored with the idea of hand quilting, so studied up on it, and experimented with hoops and frames.  We aspired to get as many stitches in an inch as we could. 

Through the years and changes in lifestyles, Deirdre and I lost touch.  We talk to each other on Facebook, occasionally, and I was sad to hear that she does not quilt or sew anymore.  She is a true artist, sometimes waking in the morning with a whole new quilt design in her head, whereas my creations seem to always come from magazines or books. 

When my maternal grandmother came to live with my mother after Grampa died, she and I spent time quilting together.  It was a time of bonding that I will treasure forever. 

I don’t think I will ever stop quilting.  I know where the word “comforter” came from, because the feeling of fabric in my hands and the transformation that takes place through this creative act feeds me and comforts me.  It takes me to places that nothing else can.   



First Quilt

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