The birthday blues

Did anyone else catch last week’s episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills?  If so, you saw two moms plan over-the-top birthday parties for their two toddlers.  And yes, I said BOTH moms planned and held elaborate parties.  I mean in comparison, one of the mother’s really went overboard (as did her plastic surgeon regarding her overly plumped lips)….and the final event didn’t even resemble a party for a toddler – more like an adult party with the child as an afterthought because let’s face it, what toddler gives a hoot about floral arrangements?  Mine certainly doesn’t.


Why am I on a rant?  Well I’m in the midst of planning my younger daughter’s first birthday party.  And I’m wondering if I’m going a little overboard regarding her first big shindig.  Don’t get me wrong, her party will be nothing as highfaluting compared to either of the two Beverly Hills ladies…not a chance.


But I have decided to host my daughter’s first birthday at a local Puppet Theater.  Which is a little extreme, for a one year old, right? 


I think the guilt of giving birth to her just five days before Christmas, and gifting her with let’s face it a sucky birthday date, combined with the fact that the poor child only has two friends…compared to the 15+ friends her older sister hosted at her first party has lead me to this precarious situation.


Honestly, I was going to just blow off the whole party planning and just host an intimate event with her immediate family at the house but then I whipped out the photo album highlighting my oldest daughter’s birthday and I cringed.  As inconvenient as the date is, I don’t want my youngest to look back and compare her first birthday photos to her older sisters and wonder why the red carpet wasn’t rolled out for her.  Even-steven, right?


So I find myself in the midst of making our holiday travel plans, I’m also trying to squeeze in her birthday party.  And I feel horrible because I feel like everyone is going to forget her birthday in the midst of all the holiday jubilee.  So I booked the Puppet Theater, designed her invitations, selected the party favors and am in the process of arranging refreshments and concessions.  Check, check, check, on my to-do list.


And then my hubs asks, “Who’s this party for?  Our daughter?  She won’t even remember it.”  So who am I planning this party for?  After some inner reflection, I’ve realized that I’m planning this party for myself.  To squelch the guilt I feel for her not so ideal birth date and to make sure that her first birthday party measures up to if not exceeds her big sister’s.  So, I guess I’m kinda like those Beverly Hills moms – planning a party more for myself than my daughter.  Wow, who would have thunk it?  Guess the rants on me.


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