Birthday Party

Today E had her birthday party. I know that its not her actual birthday until Monday but this is the one weekend before or after her party that we have had free.

When she got up this morning, she was all excitment, which I quickly dampened down when I said that she would need to clean the bathroom and toilet. I know that this is not fair, but I said that unless she did what she was told then her pocket money would be with held for the week, it wasn't until later that mother guilt set in about that, hence the fact that I allowed her to eat way more junk food then I normally do. I always wonder why we do that, but that's another story and another blog.

After cleaning, we set off full of excitment and hope, picking up some of her friends on the way. Shopping with that many children (4 in total) was not the most pleasant experience, but than again, it was not as bad as going to the dentist. At least, I had some one to push the trolley.

 Getting home, I allowed the girls to set up just a little but before, the true chaos began.

Now this is where it gets interesting.....................who knew that girls partys could be so loud. I mean, the noise was not just deafening, it went beyond that, and trampled into my brain like a frieght train that trundles down the line in the middle of the night. I don't know what was more interesting, the fact that musical statues was the party game of choice, or the fact that I decided that today was the day that I would explain to all her little friends, what would happen to the male calf that was born only 5 months ago - maybe that was not such a good idea, but at least it didn't put them off all the junk food that still sat on the table.

E had a ball, the girls danced to more gyrating girls on television than i have seen in the normal world. They seemed to enjoy themselves and it wasn't until later when I was doing the post op of the part that I actually realised something.

You see we live out of town on a property, while all the girls that attended E's party today lived in town. they had a ball not just because of the fact that they got to spend the afternoon dancing to music that made woman look strong and powerful, or the fact that they got to gourge at the trough of junk food. but they had fun because they were allowed to live the same type of life as my children, one that has freedom and fun and excitment at every turn.

Happy birthday E..........................


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