Birthday party plans are frozen

Everyone loves a good birthday party. The cake, decorations, games and above all, getting one more year older. It is the  dream of every child. To be more grown up, to be the star of the day. At least that is the case with my daughter.

I have a five year old Zoe who is going to be six years old next month.  She already has dreams of the perfect birthday party that she will describe in great detail to anyone who asks or complete strangers.  Her mind changes every day with a grand party theme.  Her most recent request is a Disney Frozen party.  Just what everyone wants, a winter themed party in the middle of the summer. She talks of a Frozen cake, cups, plates, streamers and balloons. She states that everyone should come in Frozen costumes and we will put on a Frozen talent show where everyone will sing their favorite Frozen song. We can put paper snow flakes everywhere and paint all of the walls in the house blue and purple.  When I joked if I should get real snow, she exclaimed "Really!!!! you can do that?" No I can't Zoe (Tori Spelling's mother I am not). 

This would all be fine and dandy (minus the painting the walls ) except every store in my area is completly sold out of Frozen party supplies. Don't even get me started on the lack of Frozen dolls and clothing options.  I looked at Amazon and a Frozen doll that should be around $14 now costs as much as my June electric bill (which is a tragedy in itself). 

Even a Frozen decal to put on a cake is at least $10.  So, I guess I am going to have to be creative when it comes to the cake. I plan on getting an ice cream cake. This will fulfill the frozen cake requirement (ha, ha I wish).  My cake decorating skills are very limited.  They consist of what I learned when I worked at an ice cream shop in high school. We made ice cream cakes for special occassions.  I learned to make frosting roses and also to write on the cakes with tubes of frosting.  I  watched the cake decorator prepare images to put on cakes.  Sometimes, she would trace pictures from a coloring book on a clear sheet of paper.  Then, she would fill in the picture with icing and put it in the freezer to harden.  When the frosting had hardened, she would place the picture on the ice cream cake.  Presto! It was pretty impressive.  I could totally do this if Zoe wanted a big circle on her cake.  Maybe a snow ball perhaps? But no, it has to be Elsa from the movie.  I might be able to do this if I had majored in art in college, but no I took the healthcare route instead.  I mean, has anyone watched the movie Frozen lately?  Elsa is a complicated character and is the queen of isolation according to the song she sings.  Those feelings are going to be very hard to convey on a cake. 

So to Zoe, my darling daughter. As for the the Frozen theme for your birthday party, "let it go, let it go....."


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