Bit of a Breakdown

Damn it!!

 I bought a pack of cigarettes last night-and for no other reason than i just wanted to. I am really disappointed about myself today because i had been doing so well and not really craving them at all. The worst part is that i had 3 last night (i was out so the husband doesn't know), but then i had one this morning. I just don't want to go back to smoking, i really don't!! I suppose my only choice is to start all over again-there is NO WAY i am smoking the whole pack. I have worked too hard to improve my lungs over the last few weeks to damage them all over again.

I am going to review my stop smoking book again-and i promise to grab one of those Thrive mint things if i get the urge to smoke again today.

On the bright side, i had another weigh-in this morning and am down another pound! I am very happy with that. I would rather have lost 2lbs, but i am not complaining. I figure i can lose 2 this coming week with my regular exercise and the boot camp i am going to on Saturday. I am really looking forward to it. I believe that every now and again a re-vamp of my workout is needed-not to mention the shock it will give my system :)

I am planning on hitting the natural food store either today or tommorrow to get some new healthy options for me to eat. My son got hit with a nasty cold yesterday so his crankiness will decide which day we go. I have been doing alot of surfing of food blogs by people and have been getting lots of great ideas for good eating. I am really surprised at how many people take pictures and blog about every meal. I wouldn't have the patience to do that, but i can see how it is helpful. For me, Calorie King is the way to go-keeping track of everything and it only takes a few minutes everyday.


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