Bits Of Honey

I get a lot of questions about how I named my business 'Bits Of Honey'...

My husband was extremely close to his grandmother named Honey. Honey passed away in 2009 and my husband Steven took all her furniture. They have been moving from state to state with us ever since. A couple years ago I found a whole stash of sewing materials in one of the side tables. I decided I was going to borrow my mom's sewing machine and try my odds at making my own curtains with the needles, pin cushion, bobbin, etc that I found in the table. I mean I am a novice with the few years of homec classes in middle school (Shout out to good ole' Mrs. Mann) and learning how to sew a pillow, combined with a few YouTube videos. I was pleasantly surprised when my curtains actually came out descent! Feeling a little ballsy mixed with Martha Stewart, I thought I would move on to my next endeavor...a baby blanket for my husbands twin sister. His sister was having a baby boy and I was determined to make him the best baby blanket. I searched pinterest for weeks until I found a pattern worthy of trying (or one I felt like I surely could not screw up). I spent weeks tearing out stitches, sewing a few fingers and rereading instructions until EUREKA!! I finally finished sewing her baby blanket. Although I was still very concerned about the edging of the blanket because "binding" takes a lot of talent and experience (that I don't have) to do. I repeatedly would ask my husband "Do you think she will like this?". To which he would always answer "Of course!" After numerous times of ripping out stitches and redoing the binding; I finally said to my husband "She has to like it because it has bits of Honey in it!" You see I saved all the spools of thread I had found in her side tables to use on this blanket. The fabric may be new but they were pieced together by Honey's left over thread and needles.

My husband always says that Honey, although gone...will always finds a way to still be apart of our lives. Well Honey, you may not be able to meet your grand kids; but they will be able to sleep with you in their arms for the rest of their life (or until my horrible sewing job starts to rear it's ugly head). I have faith that Grandma Honey will hold my threads together for years to come. Maybe she will even make my new and upcoming business go viral and I'll be the next crafting guru on HGTV. Here's to wishing and hoping!!

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