That Black Blazer


...the one that doesn't fit well any longer. Why, you ask? Because the same friend who borrowed and shrunk my other shirts did the same with this one. Sigh. I learned my lesson long ago not to let people borrow my clothing. Yet I still keep finding things that I haven't worn since then that don't fit right anymore. It took a few times of putting this blazer on and stretching it out to get it to a level at which I was comfortable wearing it.

Anyhow, enough of that business.

I'm not quite sure why, but nothing I've put on this week has been exciting to me. I was sick Monday and Tuesday, and I just haven't felt the urge to pick out something super and shiny. My outfit for work today was the first outfit I had actually put thought into this week. I wore my favorite wool dress pants. They're from the Gap, but I'm pretty sure I got them in a bag of hand me downs from my aunt. They're so worn that the lining has ripped out of them...but I refuse to let them die. The red belt that I put with my shirt was bought at Target a few years ago. I bought it while I wasn't even there myself - a friend of mine was at Target and knew I had been wanting a red belt. She described them to me and then we settled on this one. That's via cell phone. Happened once, surely will happen again. Here's the outfit I picked out for today. It was our Christmas luncheon for the entire building, so I felt I should be a bit festive.

Our work Christmas lunch for the admin staff is tomorrow, so all week I've been trying to think of something I could pair with that black blazer to bring it back to life. I went through both of my closets, sifting through shirts and tank tops until I found a pile I deemed suitable. For whatever reason, I didn't end up happy with anything I put with it. Not to mention the fact that it was cutting off the circulation in my arms was making me incredibly angry. Like I said, I finally got it to loosen up a bit, but I'm afraid that it's going to be too tight still to wear for an entire day. My first choice was to put it with a sweater I bought at Old Navy earlier this fall. I absolutely adore this sweater - the detail on the front is amazing. I met a friend of a friend one night while I had it on, and she said something along the lines of, "don't be offended if I stab you and steal your sweater." Weird way to be complimented, but is a pretty great sweater.

The blazer has an ivory lace interior, so I thought it worked well with the sleeves rolled up and paired with this sweater. I'll probably wear this soon, as long as I can get over the tight sleeves (can you tell I'm a bit angry over that?). The detail of the sweater is just enough to catch your attention under the plain black blazer. No need for chunky jewelry or scarves - the sweater does all the work!

Next, I thought I'd try a few striped shirts with it. For whatever reason, I was really feeling the striped shirts under the blazer look. The first one I went with was a black and grey striped tank top - I bought it at Target awhile ago in an extra large so that it would be long enough to wear with leggings. I thought it looked best tucked into the jeans and paired with, of course, the black chunky necklace.

I could not, for the life of me, get this picture to turn out the way I wanted it to. The way the shirt was laying doesn't really come through in the picture. This was one of my favorite pairings, but I think it needs to be with different jeans. Maybe some weekend in the near future I'll try it again. On to the next stripes - a v-neck top that I bought at JC Penney about a year ago. I really liked this one as well.
I think that this combo would look most excellent with a pair of dark skinny jeans and my black platform heels. I put this high in the running to wear on Friday or on some outing in the very near future. 

At this point in my blogging adventure, my poor camera decided to die. I still had yet to make dinner and all of that jazz, so I figured I would just opt to use my cell phone rather than wait for the camera to charge back up. The pictures didn't turn out as poorly as I thought they would, minus the light is a bit harsh. However, these were the last two options I pulled out of my closet. A tan, embroidered sweater from American Eagle and a green lacy tank from Banana Republic. I love both of them, and I think they both went well with the blazer. My Great Grandmother's pearls added a nice touch to the ensemble with the tan sweater.
After taking all of these pictures and trying on twenty different combinations, I was in a complete indecisive state on what to wear to the lunch. Just then, I was hit with an answer: I won't be wearing any of them. Our director gave the go ahead for another ugly Christmas sweater affair. Alas, I will carefully put all of the clothes back in my closet (right...) and make myself up in ugly Christmas duds. Now, my only mission is to attempt making myself look more ridiculous than last week - which will most definitely include making the scarf into one of these
What else to chat about? As of Tuesday evening, I'm obsessed with A Very She & Him Christmas - without a doubt Little Saint Nick and Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas are my favorites. I'm also a huge fan of the new Black Keys album. I can't pick out a favorite from that one - I love them all. Also still very much into new Florence and the Machine and Coldplay. Paradise is a fantastic song, and I adore the lyrics!
Nail polish this week: Sally Hansen - Red Carpet. Obviously not my nails in that link, but I couldn't capture the sparkle and color in depth enough to post my own picture. I also picked up this color today. I've been drooling over it for a long time now! I painted my toes with it, but out of complete hatred for my feet, I have picked another picture to show off on here. 
I can't say I have much else to write about. I'm still in the midst of the Harry Potter series. Andy and I have become enthralled with a show called Dual Survival. I'm constantly cheering on my X Factor favorites, Josh Krajcik and the ever adorable Rachel Crow. Still running at a decent pace and getting better. Trying to finish Christmas shopping and attempting to figure out where we are going to go for Christmas. Thinking about New Years and what I could pull out of my closet for that night. And, of course, working every day - I thoroughly enjoy my job and the people I work with. It's a good situation. 
That's the end of the rambling!
Till next time!
"I base most of my fashion sense on what doesn't itch." - Gilda Radner


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