Black Out Blogging For Stuff, How Much Is Too Much?

I'm sure all of you know about the "Black Out" going on at (Would you believe that I googled "mommy bloggers PR products" and the mom dot website pulled up for the black out.) I have no idea what momdot is nor did I really have any idea what the black out was about until I read someone's previous post. This is finally when I had a "aha" moment about women blogging for PR companies.

I had no idea why some of my favorite bloggers were always "product name dropping"..."try this" "try that". I started to feel as if I were watching a good juicy movie (aka blog) and was interrupted by a commercial every so often (PR products). Since I am no genius, I honestly thought that these bloggers were blogging about products for the hell of it. Now, I know better.

Of course, while there is nothing wrong with having a relationship with a PR company, there has to be some sort of balance. Remember the first time you ever started blogging, what was the reason? What made you decide to put together a journal of all your musings, your thoughts? Was it for some theraputic reason? Was it for documentation? Was it to inform others, help others, reach out to others about certain situations that you had experienced before? Was it for entertainment?

Whether or not any of us will admit it, whether we blog for our own personal reasons, most of us love the face that someone else is reading on the other end. There's just something about some one reading our thoughts and our views and sometimes filling us in on what they think about it. With that being said, if your readers are extremely important to you, I would definitely go easy on the product plugging.

I am only saying this because some of my most favorite blogs have turned into nothing but commercials in and between posts. I am not saying that some people don't enjoy or benefit from the products that are being pushed but a lot of us just don't read it. I've actually stopped reading some of my blog roll because I couldn't seem to weed out the products and get to the good stuff.

I guess the point of all of this not lose your focus. Don't lose grasp on your reasoning for starting your blog in the first place. I'm neither anti-pr nor pro-pr, I just wish that my favorite blogs wouldn't have been flooded by this, that and the other.

From an avid blog reader, space out your products. I wouldn't do one every day. I would pick a day to promote and stick to that day. If you have a million products to plug, I wouldn't spread them out through out your blog...just pick one day to be "Plug Day" and go ahead and get it all out. Again, this is just my opinion from a reader's stand point. Hell, we're all bloggers here and most of us readers also.

If you are a blogger that plugs products and a reader, you are probably a bit more accepting of the other blogs that plug but for us bloggers that know nothing about it, it sometimes is too much. Again, this is just my opinion, take it for what it's worth...just please don't throw a "Huggies Baby Wipes $4.99 Coupon" at me, I'm just trying to understand and would love to hear other views. :)


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