Black Parents Regain Control of their Children's Education

Homeschooling, Charter Schools, and Beyond
Black Parents Regain Control over their Children’s Education

The secret is out. Many black parents are taking their children out of the American public school system and everyone is talking about it. Empty promises are no longer quieting poor minorities and the inner city masses. People are tired of waiting for smaller classes and bigger budgets. Black parents specifically are tired of seeing their children transform from bright eyed elementary school students into unmotivated, poorly educated, high school dropouts. Every year these kids receive an alarming amount of mental/behavioral misdiagnosis and negative criticism in their classes rather than proper encouragement and guidance. Moreover, beyond merely acknowledging these poor educational conditions, public schools have done very little to improve the state of education for black students. It is for this reason that Black Flight is on the rise. More black parents are seeking alternative solutions to the public school system in an effort to regain control over their children’s education.

Home schooling is by far one of the most popular and effective alternatives available to black parents today. It gives them the power to define their own educational methods; integrating stronger Afrocentric curriculums as well as moral and religious values into their daily lesson plans. ...

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