Black Pepper Publishing well versed in the 21st century

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Black Pepper publishing has arrived at Vita
in 2009, with juicy stories wild and very
well placed voices.

Black Pepper is the absolute ultimate of
what one understands to be genuine brave
visionary behavior.. A commitment that is
unsurpassed in the publishing world. They
are so across loving who they are and so
very dedicated to loving what they create
and supporting the writers they have given

They are sublime and well versed in all
that truly matters..and of course all
things publishing, profound yet amusing..

The Black Pepper publishing team always
give their fullness of spirit and love too
and for the other. They are impeccable, in
their attention to poetry and prose,
at this extraordinary publishing house.

An Australian publishing journey that now
spans 2 centuries.. We must commend and
appreciate how far Black Pepper Publishing
have come in their journey the late part
of the 20th century into the 21st century.

This small publishing venture is based in
North Fitzroy Melbourne Australia, and "is
dedicated to nurturing the ‘new flowers’ of
Australian prose and poetry writing.

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say here at Vita.....

See their range of brilliant prolific
and tenacious writers and ALL the many
successes of the Black Pepper Publishing
team .....

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join their mailing list and be with us at the
cutting edge of independenat publishing in
Australia. Support the Australian Independent
publishing world NOW!!

Don't forget to smell the Gardenia the
scent of Black Peppers books