Black & White Interior Inspiration

What do you think about adding black to a total-white home? I love to wear black and I love black accessories but I’ve always been a little bit uncertain about home décor, especially if we’re talking about a completely white one…well, I had to make up my mind when I saw these interiors:


just a little touch of black in this total white bedroom: a bedside lamp and wall decor.

A black wall? Couldn’t ever imagine to paint a wall in black until I saw this room…I love it!


what about a black old fashioned bath tub? Beautiful, combined to white walls and floor.

I’d never use a wallpaper like this one in my bathroom but I think the result is elegant and classy. And even the black curtains are not that bad…right?Beautiful, linear, simple rug…love it in this white room (and I love the cushion too)

And black & white even in the kitchen!



Evelyn Maylily



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