Black & White Photog Tips!

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Picture 2:

  • It was in focus (hah!) the little things that make such a difference, right?? :)
  • It was outside, in natural light.  Flash nowhere to be found.
  • My ISO was probably set around 300/350 which is just ideal... making for a very clean, sharp image.
  • The contrast is much more to my liking.  A true black and white photo.
  • nothing is color popped.  Amen.

If you're just starting out on your photog journey, first of all (hold on tight!  It's craziness!).  Secondly, there are just a few simple, easy peasy tips and tricks you can utilize to avoid the mottled/lacking contrast/blown out black and white photos. Tip 1:  Turn your camera to MANUAL mode.  And learn how to use it that way.  There are a ton of great videos on youtube about how to adjust your settings to get the picture that you're looking for. Tip 2:  Pretend your flash is gone.  Broken.  Whatever.  Just don't use it.  Tip 3:  For a portrait picture (like the one above) focus on the subjects eyes.  They're the heart and soul of the picture.  It's alright to have the ears, hair, chin, etc. not sharp as a tack, but the eyes- they've gotta have it.  Tip 4:  Set your ISO to a low setting (as low as lighting conditions will allow). This will make a cleaner b/w photo. Tip 5:   Post production: My absolute favorite way to convert a photo from color to black and white is in lightroom. If you have lightroom, its the "high contrast black and white" option. I tweak it as needed, but most of the time, its right on. If you don't have access to lightroom, there are b/w actions you can purchase that make conversion a bit easier. When converting, I like a strong contrast; but a little can go a long way. Don't go too over the top where your subject is totally washed out with two black pupils. Okay... so those are my b/w photog tips. If anything I hope my two pictures can inspire you to stick with it.  Photography is hard.  It's a never ending learning process.  But that's what makes it crazy fun. If you have any questions, leave 'em below!  I'd love to answer them (or try!) :D Happy tuesday!

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