Black, White & Turquoise Rooms

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Today I've gathered photos of my current favorite color combination - turquoise, black and white:

south and=

I love the pop of orange with this color scheme, too:

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 What a great trick on the the way the small turquoise bead makes them stand out:

This ceiling is almost the exact shade I just painted my dining room it:

Every time I see this kitchen I fall a little deeper in love:

I doubt that this is do it yourself art, but it could be.  I am a big fan of symmetry and matching, so I adore this:


I don't want that yellow in my own house, but I do love this photo:

This is exactly what my new dining room stripes look like, but I only did them on one wall:

This one I've posted before. It is one of my all-time favorite rooms:


Ok, so there's no turquoise in here. But I love it so much anyway, I had to include it:


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