A Black Woman Surviving Rape

A personal blog about surviving rape, domestic violence and child abuse as a black woman. It also focus on Narcissistic Personality Disorder and dealing with Narcissistc Mothers and Sisters. In the black community we as women do not open up and talk about the abuse we've experienced. We dont tell the people around us and alot of times we blame the victim instead of the criminal which is something that we all have to get away from. Growing up with a Narcissitc Mother is something most people will never understand unless they have delt with Narcissists before. Its almost impossible to explain what is going on in your house when people have a hard time believing how a mother could not love her child. Ive lived that life and my mother does not love nor care about me. Its something that shes showed me and told me, im healing from her emotional abuse but there are thousands out there who have no one to talk to or no one for them to listen to. I am their voice.