Black Women: Why Is Straight Hair The "Good" Hair?

Yes, I'm going to go there! The fact of the matter is, I've been wanting to go there for a very long time. Recently the turn of events in the entertainment industry with Tara Banks opting to show the world her true tresses sans the almighty, expensive hair piece made from other folks hair & definitely not from the head of women of color, gave me additional fuel to pose the question...What's up with Black women and their love for other folks hair? When did women of color refuse or fail to acknowledge the beauty in their own blackness which stems from their roots/as in the hair follicles that becomes naturally nappy as times goes on? How many women who have chosen to wear their natural hair in all of its natural glory been snubbed by other women of color? Ok, I'm raising my hand!

Every since the dawning of "Angela Davis" all afro-ed out in the 70s, this writer became infatuated with the real deal of being "for real" and keeping true to an authentic self. Not to get it twisted, back in my 20s & early 30s when I thought my beauty was to be defined in a visit to the hair salon every two weeks to get my hair fried, dyed & laid to the side, I was doing the denial thing as I'd been programmed by a society's definition of what beauty is percieved to be, rather than what it means for me. There were hardly any women of color on front of magazines covers showing their beautiful naturalness-still a wide berth today on those magazine covers with few Black models sporting their locs for the world to see. 

Recently, on a segment of The View, Whoopie Goldberg, who has worn locs for as long as I can remember, asked the serious question of why women of color who goes out to buy their hair, always buy the long, flowing weaves as opposed to the natural ones (locs, afros) and Sherri Shepard gave a bit about how folks wearing their natual hair wasn't favored in the job markets. Joy Behar commented that she,too, had that curly type of hair (Not!) and the problems she encountered...Anyhow, Whoopie took these quips from her co-hosts good naturedly, but, the question remained up for serious debate on The View's table.  I've gotten flack from family, friends, co-workers and those in supervisory positions who have questioned why I wear locs. I tell them because I've always loved the freedom of being naturally nappy and that I love the fact that I'm living my life like it's golden!(Thanks Jill Scottt...)

Chris Rock will have a movie to be released soon titled "GOOD HAIR" based upon a question posed by his young daughter as she wanted to know why 'she' didn't have good hair... hmmm, a red flag if I've ever heard one.


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