Bless Us, Everyone

Are you as upset as I am about the latest in a string of mass shootings?  I'm so disturbed and mournful about the Newtown tragedy and at the same time I feel powerless. I feel powerless to assist, powerless to understand, powerless to comprehend let alone to empathize.  How could I empathize with something so horrific?  So, with that said I want us (you and I)  to send a group prayer for the survivors and their loss of innocence.  With the power of prayer or positive thinking people can begin to heal. Minute by minute, hour by hour and day by day the families and possibly the country can restore their faith.  Until then if you're feeling as sad as I am about this senseless tragedy we can do what Fred Rogers (yes, the beloved Mr. Rogers) advises children to do when they are upset by something they see on the news; "Look for the helpers."  Helpers are the courageous people who have protected the victims, or are there for the families. Helpers are the brave emergency response workers who are first on the scene.  Helpers restore our faith in humanity and when we start looking for them we see them everywhere.  So let's send out a prayer for the Helpers, too.  To reiterate Tiny Tim's seasonal message; God Bless Us, Everyone and God Bless Our Helpers, All of them.



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