Blessed Assurance

It's been six months now since my husband went to be with the Lord. I still miss him every single day, but my heart still rests in Jesus and His work at the cross which means that I will see both of them in the fullness of time. We learned a new song at church this morning - they are getting us ready for the miracle of Easter. We also celebrated the Lord's Supper today and Pastor had us all close our eyes to concentrate on what he was saying about the meaning of it all. I was not the only one wiping my eyes after he finished, either. I don't know how people who do not have this assurance through Jesus manage, I truly don't. How can they face the future with any degree of hope whatsoever?

Tuesday I take the last exam. The fourth one, and the easiest one. I'll tell ya, after that last one I am so very glad for this one. I thought I was going to throw up after that last one, so the practice quizzes I have taken for this one have me in a much better state of mind. Not that I am slacking off; no siree Bob!

Then I get to have my fingerprints taken for what I have figured out is the fourth time since November, and I have no idea why the ones I had done for FINRA cannot be sent over to the FBI. God only knows what they are doing with all of my boimetric identity items, but whatever. Then I get to send an application to the state Board Of Insurance, and let them process it for however long that takes. She did mention that a paper application was processed one to two weeks faster than one online, however long that takes. I am just glad that it is almost done - can I get an Amen on that?

Then the new chapter can start in earnest. Although I am legal in securities, after my license is issued I may legally discuss insurance products and more importantly, variable universal life insurance. My husband had quite a few clients with that one product, and I can talk to them without any hindrances.

I've already talked with two of his favorite clients - they are sisters, and their birthdays are in March. He always delivered flowers and goodies to them, and I did the same thing. They know that I can't talk about their accounts until I am done with all the exams, but they are eagerly waiting with me for that to happen. And I have talked to them, briefly, about non-business things.

I ordered my business cards last week. They just need to be approved by the compliance department, because they are considered a form of advertising. They look exactly the same as my husband's did, with the exception of the designations he earned after his name (and of course my name instead of his).

I still don't have the part I need to sell his car. It is coming up on six months now, and I am going to call the company directly. I will be mentioning legal counsel if I do not get a satisfactory answer as to why they have not been able to produce a generic part like a visor with the HomeLink in it after six months. It's past ridiculous, and I think I have been patient and understanding long enough. They TRULY do not want my brother to get involved, nor do I.

I am also getting closer to getting another car myself. And while I was planning to accept the lesser price I could get for my car as a trade-in, another option has presented itself. There has been an unsolicited offer of interest from someone I trust. So we'll see where God is taking this!

I am getting excited about April - on the 10th my mom and I will fly to Lower Alabama to visit my double second cousin whose middle daughter is turning 16. The birthday is just an excuse; I was planning to go when I finished all this anyway but the timing was there. And my mom wants to go too, so since my nephew can bring her here we can fly together. She's 75; I am not crazy about her going by herself but we will be fine together. I have not seen my cousin or her daughters for ten years - in my mind they are still little girls but in reality they are young ladies and the oldest is in college for goodness sake! I will have to accept the reality of what the pictures have been telling me - they are growing up and more beautiful every day.


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