How did I get here,

so far away.

From everything I once knew,

 In a foreign place.

You were my true love,

but I didn't know.

I was so stupid

to let you go.


Now you're married to another,

with two children of your own,

and I'm left here standing,

left all alone.


Why can't we press replay

and relive that Summer?

I want to feel your lips on mine again,

I don't want you with another.

You are meant for me,

I know in my heart it's true.

So why am I here alone,

my heart breaking in two?


Will we get another chance?

Will our lives realign?

Or am i destined to be here alone,

without you by my side?

I was so blind not to see,

This perfect love,

You and me.

*words my not be copied/used without permission by the author* K. M.


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