March 30, "Blindness" John 9:1-41

Today as we read this story of the blind man and his continued questioning and rejection by the Pharisees. our  thinks of the homeless young adult, John,  being questioned by a well dressed young woman yesterday--"Why don't you get a job?" "Why don't you live with your family?"  Each question tore him down.  Rather then trying to lift him up, give him some food, this young woman played the Pharisee. We all do that, without knowing that.

During this Lent let us think inward of how we each treat and judge people, and move out to now we can assist, and walk witht them. Deo Gratias! Thanks be to God!

As vegans, we’re a force for healing and compassion every day and at every meal. Our way of living exemplifies mercy and promotes freedom, and offers opportunities to unfold wisdom and help heal our world. These are true causes for an abiding sense of joy. Even in the midst of grief and outrage at our culture’s cruelty, we can be glad that our ability to feel is reawakening.

Dr., Will Tuttle

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