In the Blink of an Eye

Every once in a while there is a news story or an article in the paper that just rips your heart out.  You immediately put yourself in that situation and sympathize with everyone involved.  Well, that happened to me today.

As I was checking the online headlines for my local newspaper I read the headline: Michigan boy dies while on field trip to Toledo Zoo.  I was not sure why it was in my local paper, I don't live close to the Toledo Zoo so I thought it must be a big story.  Did an animal get loose?  Did he get stuck somewhere?  My curiosity overcame me and I clicked on the link.  It was a very short story and this is how it read...

TOLEDO (AP) — Authorities say a Michigan kindergartner collapsed and died while in Ohio on a school field trip to the Toledo Zoo.

Lucas County deputy coroner Dr. Diane Barnett says 6-year-old Nicholas Allore, of Temperance, Mich., had complained of pain in his belly earlier on Thursday, but it wasn’t serious enough to keep him from going on the trip. Barnett tells The Blade of Toledo the boy had no history of medical problems.

The coroner’s office tells The Associated Press an autopsy will be conducted Saturday.

The Blade quotes Bedford Public Schools Superintendent Ted Magrum as saying the child was one of about 50 kindergarten students from Smith Road Elementary School visiting the zoo. He says the district expresses sympathy and condolences to the family.

Oh how my heart sank as I read the story.

My Daughter will be starting Kindergarten this coming fall.  

What do you mean he just collapsed?  

Why do I feel this sense of loss?  I didn't even live in the same state let alone know the boy.

I think as Mothers these stories hit us directly where it hurts the most... our hearts.  Immediately we think about our children... where are they?  are they safe? did I tell them I loved them this morning?  why was I in such a hurry when they wanted to talk?

Let this serve as a sad reminder to all of us that we need to cherish every millisecond that we have with our children.  In the blink of an eye they can be taken away from us.

Take the time to say a prayer of strength for this family.  I can't imagine what they must be going through.  Also take the time to hug your child if they are with you, call them if they are not and tell them I love you.

Life is precious.  What little things have you done for your children or a family member today?  It could be as simple as picking a flower for them for a change.

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