In the blink of an eye you can catch someone’s attention.

In the blink of an eye you can make someone think twice.

In the blink of an eye you can shatter someone’s day.

In the blink of an eye you can bring someone back from the dead…


Now can you imagine what you can do if you sparkle your eye with a little shadow?

I still don’t understand why women go to such lengths to clown their faces with so much makeup.  Honestly, give me a natural dewy look and “shadowed” eyes and that’s all you need.  I believe our eyes are the windows to our souls, so why not grab someone’s attention and have them stare at your eyes instead of some other body parts?

We are Oz; we hold the key to our beauty!  We are all beautiful starting from the inside and working our way out – so, let’s learn how to use our gift the right way (and not the scary way)!

I stopped by my favorite candy isle and tasted the beautiful eye shadow they had on display.  Oh, Easter colors were definitely on the minds of these artists.

Bobbi Brown – Pretty pastels to give you a soft yet alluring “once over.”  LOVE the lip gloss, looks like you melted jelly beans on your lips!

Aerin Lauder – A garden in bloom – definitely looks like tulips in spring.  The colors I would sway towards; however, I’m more of an “orchid” kind of girl.

Clinique – Berries, Ginger, and Violet – oh, my!  All I can think of is a colorful martini!  It reminds me of spring time overlooking the Pacific (or Atlantic for a girl like me) sipping a yummy, colorful drink (where’s the hunky guy to buy it for me)?

Lancome – They might be “in love” with their spring collection, but I’m not…  I understand it’s difficult to come up with something “new” every year, but this just tells me a slacker effort was put into this.  You want my money – get me excited!

Giorgio Armani – “POP”—okay, I get it.  It’s a cute concept with the compact and the “pop” of color.  I’m kind of on the fence with this one (and I’m not a big fan of blue shadow; however, I know a cute seven year old who would be)!

Those were just a few artists to wet your palette (or not).  Grab a friend, grab a good time trying fun spring colors on, then afterwards grab that colorful Martini and gossip!

In the blink of an eye your whole day could turn around (in a good way).  Remember to surround yourself with positive people and step out of your comfort zone.  It is my belief that those who choose not to climb out of their box get buried in regret and resentment…

Laugh until your face hurts and you need a dose of Botox!


xo, jo



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